Brake Release Cable for 1971 Caprice & Impala & Donks


This is a replacement brake release cable handle constructed in billet 6061 aluminum for 1971-1976 Caprice and Impalas the DONKS. It is made from a solid piece of aluminum with high polished to compliment your ride. The original is a rubber that deterioates and brakes apart and looks terrible from age and neglect.


1. Cutof Wheel

2. 3/32 allen wrench for set screws


1. remove old handle by cutting slits in it with the cutoff wheel and peel it off

2. you should now see a t shape frame that is inside the handle. use the cutoff wheel to cut the top of the t off.

3. slide handle over and tighten set screws. putting small dimples were the set screw touch will ensure a strong bite of the set screw.

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great design , very smooth and perfect size

i love the size and comfort of the brake handle. It should be offered in a variety of colors to match different interiors. This is still a bright idea from the sandmandesign a team.
Posted by nelly ferg, 1st Jul 2015

love it

love it
Posted by lance, 26th May 2015

Break handle

Help bring the interior out and excellent quality.
Posted by undefined, 4th Nov 2014